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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Proactiv really work?

Proactiv uses agents that have been proven to fight acne. Benzoyl peroxide is often used in knock-off products, since it works so well, but it arguably does its best work in Proactiv, according to the manufacturers.

Where is the best place to buy proactive?

One of the best places to buy Proactiv products is actually a website and a TV channel. The home shopping channel, QVC sells Proactiv at a discounted rate and they are a reputable company. You have 30 days to return a product if you're dissatisfied and there is a customer service number.

Is proactive the best acne treatment?

Proactiv acne items are referred to as best acne treatment. It is a 3-step system that includes cleanser, toner, and a repairing treatment. Recently, Proactiv in addition has begun selling a Refining Mask. As the Proactiv system the most well-known acne treatments popularity will not necessarily translate to being the very best.

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