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Frequently Asked Questions

Does proactive really work reviews?

Yes. It does work. There are two points that I want to make before you purchase the product for yourself. First, the results are so wide-spread that it’s hard to say that it works or doesn’t work, and it’s not for every situation. WHO SHOULD USE PROACTIV? Proactiv Solution is designed for people with mild-moderate acne.

Does Proactiv really work to clear acne?

Proactiv may be effective for milder forms of acne where the pore blockages are closer the skin's surface. In these situations, a cleanser would have an easier time clearing out the obstructions causing pimples. However, there are many different severity levels of acne to consider.

Is Proactiv good for sensitive skin?

According to the Mayo Clinic, benzoyl peroxide is probably the most effective acne fighting ingredient. Proactiv Solution acne treatment system contains benzoyl peroxide. Many users have endorsed the effectiveness of this product, but it may not be suitable for use on sensitive skin.

Is proactive the best acne treatment?

Proactiv acne items are referred to as best acne treatment. It is a 3-step system that includes cleanser, toner, and a repairing treatment. Recently, Proactiv in addition has begun selling a Refining Mask. As the Proactiv system the most well-known acne treatments popularity will not necessarily translate to being the very best.

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