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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Proactiv MD really work?

The Proactiv MD system is based on the active ingredient Adapalene, a powerful retinoid that works at the cellular level to stop acne, prevent it from coming back while also nourishes your skin. Also, the Proactiv MD system does not include benzoyl-peroxide so the manufacturer promises that this skin care solution is...

Is Proactiv any good?

For some people, Proactiv does a good job of clearing up acne (or at least keeping in under control). But for others, Proactiv just isn't effective. The result you get is completely dependent on your skin and the severity of your acne.

Is Proactiv right for me?

Regardless of your age or skin type, proactiv has the right system for you. Each acne system in the proactiv family provides a skincare regimen to ensure you get the healthy, clear skin you've always wanted.

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