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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Proactiv MD really work for acne?

Proactiv MD. I've been using it for about six months now, and I must say that it works. It does not cure the acne, not even the cystic, but it does help control it. The Adapalene gel help with drying up the cystic acne which pops up during those pesky times.

What is proactivmd adapalene gel?

FROM THE COMPANY THAT STARTED A SKINCARE REVOLUTION: Designed specifically for acne-prone skin, the ProactivMD Adapalene gel is a crucial step to having clearer, radiant skin. To see our price, add these items to your cart.

Do you need a prescription for proactivmd?

This system features our renowned, prescription-strength retinoid, no Rx required. Adapalene Gel is tough on stubborn acne by attacking breakouts at the cellular level. Paired with a soothing cleanser and gentle, hydrating moisturizer, ProactivMD is tough on breakouts but gentle on your skin.

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