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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of a BMX bike?

BMX Bike Parts. Should the worst happen, we have tons of new BMX frames to choose from, as well as forks and suspension. All of your frames and forks are made from strong steel or aluminum alloy to ensure that your ride stays in one piece and keeps you riding for years to come. With a wide selection of BMX cranks, chains, cassettes and pedals,...

What is a GT BMX?

GT is noted for innovative BMX designs and their "triple triangle" hard-tail mountain bike frame design - where seat stays are parallel to the downtube and attached to the top tube forward of the seat tube, rather than directly at the seat tube.

What is a BMX cruiser?

A BMX “Class” bike is a strong, quick-handling, lightweight derivative of the standard 20-inch-wheel, single-speed youth bicycle. Variations include a larger 24-inch-wheel “cruiser” class. Cruisers were originally made for adults who couldn’t fit the 20-inch-wheel bikes, but now is raced by all age groups.

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