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Frequently Asked Questions

What does priority mean?

Define priority. priority synonyms, priority pronunciation, priority translation, English dictionary definition of priority. n. pl. pri·or·i·ties 1. Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency. 2. a. An established right to precedence. b. An authoritative...

What is the definition of priority?

Definition of priority. 1a(1) : the quality or state of being prior. (2) : precedence in date or position of publication —used of taxa. b(1) : superiority in rank, position, or privilege.

What is the plural of priority?

The plural form of priority is priorities . Find more words! The final line of defence is to question the priorities of those who continue to raise Iraq, and dismiss the issue as a bore. In terms of my personal priorities, clients come after my family, football team, friends and colleagues.

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