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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of posterior capsule opacification?

Typically, the symptoms of posterior capsular opacification are the same as the symptoms for a cataract. The main complaint is blurry, foggy or hazy vision. Other symptoms include: Unlike a cataract in which the symptoms typically occur very slowly, the symptoms of posterior capsular opacification can occur suddenly, or gradually.

How to loosen tight neck and shoulder muscles?

Yoga stretches and focused breathing can help to ease stiff neck, back and shoulders. Shoulder rolls with deep inhalation and strong exhalation can reduce stress in the shoulders, neck and upper back. Roll your shoulder forward and back, and then lift your shoulder up toward the ear.

What is posterior capsule stretching?

Posterior Capsule Stretch. The Posterior Capsule refers to the four out of five rotator cuff muscles that originate from the upper spine, run along various lengths of our shoulder blade or scapula, before attaching to our shoulder joint, more specifically the ball of the humerus where it inserts into the shoulder socket.

What is a tight shoulder capsule?

Where there is shoulder pain due to impingement, frozen shoulder, or subacromial bursitis, an often overlooked root cause is a tight shoulder capsule. What is your shoulder capsule? It's a series of ligaments that surround and stabilize your shoulder joint, which is where your upper arm bone (humerus) attaches to your shoulder blade (scapula).

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