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Frequently Asked Questions

What size card stock do you use for posters?

Card Stock Posters come in two common sizes, 12pt, and 24pt thickness. 12pt card stock is optimal for photo quality prints and can easily be framed or hung with an elegant matte or semi gloss finish. 12pt card stock is a perfect product for sending an invitation to weddings, birthday party's or for event signage.

Where can I print on cardstock for invitations?

Print on cardstock and Create unique visions with Use Cardstock printing for invitations of all types or framing photo quality prints! Card Stock Posters by Supreme Printing at Unmatched Prices makes an indelible statement. We offer 24-48 hour turnarounds, secure shipping, and our cardstock prints make great gifts.

What is the difference between cardstock posters and mounted posters?

Cardstock posters, meanwhile, are printed onto 24pt cardstock, so they’re rigid enough to stand by themselves or be displayed on an easel; they’re printed with UV inks. Mounted posters are UV printed directly onto 5mm foamboard or 3mm PVC plastic (aka sintra).

Why choose cardstock printing for your business?

In addition to being offered an array of sizes, large cardstock posters and cardstock prints are perfect for single or multi-sided printing. To conclude, cardstock printing is sure to make a lasting impression for a business or personal use. Still Unsure About Custom Cardstock Printing?

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