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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, portal 1 or Portal 2?

Portal 2 is in all aspects a bigger fuller and more comprehensive game with more variety, diversity, characters, laughs, gameplay mechanics, multiplayer and level editor. But nothing will ever beat the simplicity, originality of Portal 1. I'd say Portal 2 is better as a GAME, but Portal 1 is better as a WORK OF ART. Your thoughts?

Is Portal 2 worth buying?

Yes. Probably the best answer here. Portal 2 is 10x longer and 10x funnier than Portal 1. Get it. If you liked portal,youll love portal 2! if you didn't like portal 1, you might be a a baked potato or something. Even Yahtzee couldn't find any flaws in it, and he makes his living pointing out flaws in games!

How much does Portal 2 cost?

Pricing ranges from around $130 to $280 but if you purchase two at a time, through the Portal website, you’ll save $100. The flagship Portal device has a 10” display screen and retails for $179 on...

How to beat portal two?

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Portal 2 51. Stand on the button and use portals to line the laser up with the three turrets to blow them up. Go and grab the two cubes, putting the normal one on the button. Take the redirection one to the end of the laser, and redirect the laser through the glass to blow up the other turrets.

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