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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Porsche 928 Strosek come out?

This Strosek Porsche 928 is a Version III made around 1987. Special features include 17" OZ Futura with painted centres and more imporantly a completely new interior with Recaro C-Seats and white upholstery by FAB-Design of Switzerland.

How much does it cost to convert a Strosek 928?

The most extreme conversion Strosek offered was the Strosek "Version III", which was the full wide body kit for Porsche 928 with all the modifications of the Versions I and II but additional widened front wings to fit the more outwardly placed, deeper 16" BBS rims. Prices for the full Version III were some 23.000 DM (1986).

What kind of engine does a Porsche 928 S have?

The Strosek Porsche 928 "Version III" at high speed. Strosek was able to match the performance with the looks: the stock Porsche 928 S (1986) had 310 BHP, this could be improved to 354 BHP by replacing the camshafts and new cylinder heads, or for the more needy there was a 405 BHP version which owed it's extra power to two MPD-Turbo-compressors.

What kind of rims does a Strosek 928 have?

The headlights of the 928 were optionally replaced by those placed in the new front bumper, which left a smoother bonnet with only a powerbulge and NACA-inlets. This option was available for all Strosek 928 versions, I to III. The Version I was equipped with 16" BBS rims on 225 / 50VR16 tires on the front and 245 / 50VR16 or the 225s for the rear.

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