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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pooled cohort risk assessment equations?

The Pooled Cohort Risk Assessment Equations was developed by the Risk Assessment Work Group, an arm of the ACC/AHA Cardiovascular Risk Guidelines, to identify appropriate candidates for statin therapy based on elevated cardiovascular risk. 1 Statistical modeling to create a new risk assessment...

What is The racial predilection of the pooled cohort equations?

The Pooled Cohort Equations were developed and validated among Caucasian and African American men and women who did not have clinical ASCVD. There are inadequate data in other racial groups, such as Hispanics, Asians, and American-Indian populations.

Can the pooled cohort equations replace the Framingham Risk 10-year CVD calculation?

In many ways, the Pooled Cohort Equations have been proposed to replace the Framingham Risk 10-year CVD calculation, which was recommended for use in the NCEP ATP III guidelines for high blood cholesterol in adults. 3

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