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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do high school poll workers get paid?

In addition to learning firsthand how elections are run, student poll workers can be paid a stipend that generally ranges between $65 and $150, depending on the county. For more information about becoming a high school poll worker, please contact your county elections official.

What does a student poll worker do?

Student poll workers learn firsthand how elections are run, and provide much needed support at polling place locations. They end their day with a better understanding of the importance of voting and the vital role poll workers play in making our elections run smoothly.

What are the requirements to be a poll worker?

To serve as a poll worker you must be: A registered California voter or legal resident of the United States who would be eligible to vote except for your citizenship status; What does a poll worker do? Why be a poll worker?

Can a state employee be a poll worker on Election Day?

Government Code section 19844.7, allows state employees to take time off, without loss of pay, to serve as poll workers on Election Day. Employee shall be eligible for both regular state compensation and the fee paid by the Registrar of Voters for serving as a poll worker.

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