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Frequently Asked Questions

What is A PMIC (power management IC)?

A PMIC from MaxLinear at a Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ Power management integrated circuits (power management ICs or PMICs or PMU as unit) are integrated circuits for power management. Although PMIC refers to a wide range of chips (or modules in system-on-a-chip devices), most include several DC/DC converters or their control part.

What are PMICs and how do they work?

PMICs are frequently used to power small, battery-operated devices since the integration of multiple functions into a single chip results in more efficient use of space and system power.

What is A PMIC chip?

Thus PMIC refers to a wide range of chips, however most include some form of electronic power conversion and/or relevant power control functions. A PMIC is often included in battery-operated devices such as mobile phones and portable media players to decrease the amount of space required.

What are the features of highly integrated PMIC solutions?

The highly integrated PMIC solutions offer a wide selection of supply domains and include additional features like RTC, ADC, GPIO, power sequencing control. Get in touch with us directly through our worldwide sales offices, or contact one of our global distributors and representatives.

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