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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use PMESII-PT in analyzing an OE?

In that case, one might want to consider those variables first, in order to be able to assess how they will influence other variables. Note. PMESII-PT should always be used in analyzing an OE regardless of whether or not the training unit has a specified OE.

When will metmett-TC/PMESII-PT/Ascope be released?

METT-TC /PMESII-PT / ASCOPE 21 July 2020 UTC 5-01 2-3 Figure 2-2. Station RFA Template – STEP 1 GTA (Cont.) ASSESSMENT

How does the time variable from the PMESII-PT analysis influence military operations?

The time variable from the PMESII-PT Analysis influences the military operations in terms of decisions moments, operational speed, planning, etc. An operation’s endurance is also included in this as the support for long-term operations can drastically reduce over time. Of course, time is an important element in military operations.

What does PMESII PT stand for?

OPERATIONAL VARIABLES (PMESII-PT) 2-42. The Army’s increased capability to integrate virtual, gaming, and constructive simulations with live training, along with the increased need for joint and multi-echelon training, requires exercise planners to develop a detailed and consistent OE for each training event.

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