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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PMESII-PT used for?

Developed by the United States Army, used as a way to execute a more complex strategy in foreign countries with a complex and uncertain context to map. PMESII-PT was developed by the United States Army as means of executing strategy in foreign countries with high complexity and uncertainty.

What is PMESII-PT analysis?

The definition PMESII-PT is an acronym developed in the army of the United States. The PMESII-PT analysis is used by soldiers to shape a structured approach for an action in an operational environment in which they thoroughly analyse the external environment with this tool.

What are the six operational variables of PMESII-PT?

The six operational variables of PMESII-PT 1 Political (P) 2 Military (M) 3 Economic (E) 4 Social (S) 5 Information (I) 6 Infrastructure (I) 7 Physical environment (P) 8 Time (T)

What does PMESII-PT stand for?

PMESII-PT is an acronym developed in the military of the United States and stands for Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure, Physical Environment, and Time. It’s a tool that is used to help users organise large amounts of operations information. This article provides a practical explanation of PMESII-PT.

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