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Frequently Asked Questions

What does KMEM Dax stand for?

Linux kernel version 5.1 brings in support for the volatile-use of persistent memory as a hotplugged memory region ( KMEM DAX ).

How do I create a namespace in PMEM?

Use ndctl to create a namespace. Namespaces are interleaved across PMEM NVDIMMs and can provide different types of user-space access to memory regions on the device. fsdax is default and desired mode for SQL Server. Note that we have chosen fsdax mode and are using system memory to store per-page metadata.

What is pmpmem support on Linux?

PMEM support on Linux was introduced in SQL Server 2019 preview. SQL Server 2016 introduced support for Non-Volatile DIMMs, and an optimization called Tail of the Log Caching on NVDIMM. These optimizations reduced the number of operations needed to harden a log buffer to persistent storage.

How do I see all the PMEM devices in the system?

To see all the PMem device information in the system, including device type, location, health and operational status, and so on, run the Get-PmemPhysicalDevice cmdlet: Because we have an available unused PMem region, we can create new persistent memory disks.

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