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Frequently Asked Questions

Do CD8+ T cells express TcR?

CD8+ T cells express a Tcra-V1/Tcrb-V13 - transgenic TCR that recognizes an epitope of pmel-17 corresponding to amino acids 25-33 of gp100 presented by H2-D b MHC class I molecules. Greater than 95% of the CD8+ T cells in transgenic mice expressed the transgenic TCR based on the expression of Vbeta13, amounting to about 20% of all splenocytes.

What is the PMEL Si transgene?

This transgenic strain carries a rearranged T cell receptor transgene specific for the mouse homologue (pmel Si or pmel-17) of human premelanosome protein (referred to as PMEL, SILV or gp100), and the T lymphocyte specific Thy1 a (Thy1.1) allele. About 1/3 of transgenic mice develop lymphomas by 5 to 7 months of age.

Can PMEL and OT-I coexist in b16f10 tumors?

In a cotransfer experiment, PMEL and OT-I (T cell receptor (TCR) transgenic T cells recognizing ovalbumin (OVA) antigen) CD8 + T cells were coadministered in mice bearing B16F10 tumors (Fig. 3a ).

What is CD8 + tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte exhaustion?

T cell exhaustion presents one of the major hurdles to cancer immunotherapy. Among exhausted CD8 + tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, the terminally exhausted subset contributes directly to tumor cell killing owing to its cytotoxic effector function.

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