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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PMIs mean?

The Program Management Information System (PMIS), a web-based information system designed to improve DepEd’s progress monitoring of the status of program and project implementation.

What is PMESII-PT?

PMESII-PT is an acronym developed in the military of the United States. It is used by soldiers to shape a structured approach for an action in an operational environment in which they thoroughly analyse the external environment with this tool.

What is the mechanism of action of pmeis?

The PMEIs, first identified in kiwi 5, 29, typically inhibit the PMEs of plant origin by covering the shallow cleft of the PMEs and forming a reversible stoichiometric 1:1 protein complex 30. Post-translational regulation of the PMEs via PMEIs represents another important control mechanism 29.

What is PMESII-PT and how can it help your business?

PMESII-PT helps businesses assess large amounts of complex and inter-related operations information. PMESII-PT was developed by the United States Army to guide strategy during operations in foreign countries. However, businesses can also use the tool to evaluate their operating environment.

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