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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the pmef mean for cap?

Many people would agree that talking about the new Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (PMEF) of the CAP Strategic Plan Regulation (SPR) is almost as entertaining as reading your annual tax declaration. At least they have the same number of acronyms.

What are the components of the pmef?

The PMEF is composed of a set of elements, including common objectives for both CAP Pillar I and II, common indicators, quantified targets and milestones, data management and reporting activities, and incentive mechanisms to reward good performance and address deviations from planned targets and milestones.

What is the monitoring element of the cmef?

The monitoring element of the CMEF provides key information on the CAP implementation. The European Commission is monitoring today’s developments in agricultural markets, rural development and the use of CAP funds. A number of indicator types were defined to support the assessment of the CAP's performance:

How will the pmef be set up?

Similar to the current programming period, the PMEF is set up at EU level with common elements, but it will need to be further adapted and developed in the specific Member States.

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