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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy PPE from pmedi?

At PMedi, we understand the speed of getting your personal protective equipments (PPE) is critical. By offering the cost effective 1-3 day shipping directly from Pittsburgh, PA, our customers can get their quality PPEs fast. We believe speed, quality, and reasonable cost are key to satisfy our customers.

What is pm me?

NEW FEATURE! What is is a short email domain provided by ProtonMail, the world's largest secure email service. We like to think of as short for "ProtonMail me" or "private message me".

What is PMI's online community?

There is a place where conversation and content intersect, where you can maintain your credentials, get answers to your questions, share your expertise – anytime, anywhere. That place is, PMI’s home for online community.

What to expect at PMI Global Conference?

PMI® Global Conference. This year’s PMI® Global Conference will feature a combination of cutting-edge education, networking, a 50th anniversary celebration and a series of live TED talks applauding the achievements of professionals in a constantly disrupted world.

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