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Frequently Asked Questions

What is trimethylphosphine (PMe3)?

Trimethylphosphine is the organophosphorus compound with the formula P (CH 3) 3, commonly abbreviated as PMe 3. This colorless liquid has a strongly unpleasant odor, characteristic of alkylphosphines. The compound is a common ligand in coordination chemistry.

What is the structure of HW(PMe3) 4 (Me 2 PCH 2)?

Structure of HW (PMe 3) 4 (Me 2 PCH 2 ), "W (PMe 3) 5 ". PMe 3 is toxic and pyrophoric. It converts to a much safer phosphine oxide upon treatment with sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide.

What is the molecular geometry of NiBr2 PMe3?

The structure (R = 0.042 for 52 variables and 446 observations) consists of discrete NiBr2 (PMe3)2 molecules with a square planar geometry around the nickel atom. The main distances and angles are well within the range observed for Ni (II)-PR3 square planar complexes.

What happens when PMe3 reacts with acid?

With a pK a of 8.65, PMe 3 reacts with strong acids to give salts [HPMe 3 ]X. This reaction is reversible. With strong bases, such as alkyl lithium compounds, a methyl group undergoes deprotonation to give PMe 2 CH 2 Li.

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