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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose PME for commercial property maintenance?

PME will ensure that your commercial property is always properly maintained and the cleanest facility in the area. Because different maintenance jobs require specific machines, we guarantee to always use the right equipment to make sure the job is done right the first time around.

Why work for PME?

After years of gaining industry experience, PME has become an established and highly reputable, purpose driven company. With our superior recruitment and retention methods, PME has been able to build a knowledgeable and dependable maintenance team.

Why did I receive an email from PME asking me to change?

If you received an email reporting to be from PME asking you to change your banking information for online payments, please be aware it is not real. All customers are advised to continue to pay by Check via US Postal Service. If you are currently enrolled in online electronic payments do NOT change your banking information.

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