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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect to a PME terminal?

Connection to a PME terminal is permitted for the fixed buildings of these locations, such as offices, restaurants or shops, but it must not be used for the caravan or boat mooring supplies.

What is PMe's t-chain?

PME's T-Chain allows for high resolution observation of temperature and PAr within the OceanCube Observatories. All data from the sensors and cameras are streamed back to a shore computer for analysis.

What is a combined conductor in a PME system?

Because the supply neutral is bonded to earth in a PME system, the fault return path for both line to earth and line to neutral faults is via the combined conductor. The advantage of using the combined conductor in this way is that it provides a low impedance return path which ensures rapid disconnection of the supply under fault conditions.

What does it mean when PME output contains these entries?

If the output contains these entries, it means that PME services are up and running and are listening to incomming requests. If it doesn't contain these entries, then it means that there is some issue with the n-able.MSP.RpcServer windows service.

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