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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different levels of PME in the Army?

In addition to BLC, the Army maintains five other levels of PME, all preceded by a distance learning requirement designed to prepare NCOs for the associated resident course. After BLC is the Advanced Leader Course (ALC), which develops junior leaders‘ direct-level leadership skills within their career management field (CMF).

What are the PME requirements for MARADMIN 521/14?

PME REQUIREMENTS BY GRADE MarAdmin 521/14 contains complete PME promotion requirement information. Active Duty and Active Reserve (continued) Gunnery Sergeant/E-7 Current:  Complete MarineNet DE “Advanced Course” (EPME7000AA) OR Complete the MCI DE 8200 “Advanced Course” (must have been completed prior to 1 Jul 2012).

What is NCO professional military education (PME)?

The NCO professional military education (PME) system includes both resident and distance learning courses, producing well-rounded and ready leaders at all levels. This article examines streamlining the NCO Professional Development System process by aligning training and educational goals to achieve a more efficient education system.

What are the PME requirements for an IRR Sergeant?

First Sergeant and Master Sergeant/E-8 First Sergeant:  There are no PME requirements for IRR First Sergeants. Master Sergeant:  There are no PME requirements for IRR Master Sergeants. Sergeant Major and Master Gunnery Sergeant/E-9 Sergeant Major:  There are no PME requirements for IRR Sergeants Major.

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