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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the FDA 2020 DDI guidance harmonized with EMA and PMDA?

The new 2020 clinical DDI guidance from the FDA now has even higher harmonization with the guidance (or guidelines) from the EMA and PMDA. A comparison of DDI guidance from the FDA 2017, 2020, EMA, and PMDA on CYP and transporter based DDI, mathematical models, PBPK, and clinical evaluation of DDI i …

What is the FDA guidance on pmtas for ends?

This guidance communicates FDA’s current thinking on these applications to improve the efficiency of application submission and review; however, the recommendations in this guidance are non-binding. When FDA reviews PMTAs for ENDS, it will base decisions on the obligations that arise from the FD&C Act and its implementing regulations.

Where can I find information about products under review by PMDA?

For information of products under review by the PMDA or development by sponsors, please contact sponsors or developers of the product. Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. Partial change was approved on August 11. SENKO MEDICAL INSTRUMENT Mfg. CO., LTD.

What do the changes to the PMD Act mean for manufacturers?

These changes are in line with a revision to the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act (PMD Act) passed in 2019. In addition to saving paper, converting package inserts to digital form is meant to enable manufacturers to update information in a rapid and uniform fashion when further clinical evidence becomes available.

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