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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PMC group?

PMC Group is a growth oriented, diversified, global chemicals company dedicated to innovative solutions for everyday needs in a broad range of end markets including plastics, consumer products, electronics, paints, packaging, personal care, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals.

Is PMC a good hospital?

PMC was also recognized by U.S. News as a Best Regional Hospital in central New Jersey and ranked No. 9 hospital in New Jersey and No. 24 among hospitals in the entire New York metropolitan region.

Where are PMC spray foam machines made?

PMC spray foam machines and proportioners are made here in the United States of America by highly skilled workers in our New Jersey-based manufacturing facility. Polymac spray foam machines are constructed to exacting standards and are 100% guaranteed.

Why choose PMC land surveying?

Full service professional land surveyors serving all of Northern and Central NJ. PMC Land Surveying is fully licensed and insured in the state of New Jersey. Dedicated to providing prompt and professional land surveying services. State-of-the-art field equipment and computer software for accuracy.

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