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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PMC?

Penske Media Corporation (PMC) is a leading digital media and information services company whose award-winning content attracts a monthly audience of more than 180 million and empowers more than 1 million global CEOs and business thought-leaders in markets that impact the world.

What is PMC (PCI Mezzanine card)?

A PCI Mezzanine Card or PMC is a printed circuit board assembly manufactured to the IEEE P1386.1 standard. This standard combines the electrical characteristics of the PCI bus with the mechanical dimensions of the Common Mezzanine Card or CMC format (IEEE 1386 standard).

What is the PMC standard?

The PMC standard defines which connector pins are used for which PCI signals; in addition it defines the optional 64 "P4" connector pins for use of arbitrary I/O signals.

What is a prpmc?

PPMC (aka PrPMC; processor PMC) defined by the VITA 32 standard. I.e. for allowing processors to have host or monarch, support on a PMC. Additional signaling is defined so that the PrPMC can work as the host processor on a PCI bus. The intention is to allow a monarch PMC to control the PCI bus.

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