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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the PMA entrance exam 2021 start?

If you have all the qualities to be a Cadet, start preparing your Entrance Exam requirements. The PMA Entrance Examination (PMAEE) 2021 schedule was modified from August 16 to September 19 2021 due to IATF Guidelines published last July 29, 2021.

When is the PMA foodservice Conference & Expo 2021?

Dates: 7/21/2021 - 7/22/2021 Venue: Monterey Convention Center, Monterey CA, United States The PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo will help you plan for change and set the groundwork for strategies that grow your business.

What are the requirements to become a PMA?

Must pass the PMA Entrance Examination PMAEE. No Administrative / Criminal Case. At least High School Graduate (Grade 12) Height Requirement for both Male and Female is 5 feet (not to exceed 6’4″ for both).

Why join the PMA?

The PMA takes a collaborative approach to safety training and security at marine terminals and throughout the supply chain, leading accident rates to fall to all-time lows.

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