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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of Plaza?

Definition of plaza. 1a : a public square in a city or town. b : an open area usually located near urban buildings and often featuring walkways, trees and shrubs, places to sit, and sometimes shops. 2 : a place on a thoroughfare (such as a turnpike) at which all traffic must temporarily stop (as to pay tolls)

Who owns Plaza tires?

Plaza Tire on William to move, become CVS Pharmacy. "It will be a newer, nicer, better accessible store with all the latest equipment," said Scott Rhodes, who co-owns Plaza Tire Service with his brother, Mark Rhodes. They are the sons of founder Vernon "Pee Wee" Rhodes.

Who owns Plaza Motors?

Plaza Motor Co. is owned by Duluth, Ga.-based Asbury Automotive Group. The state of Missouri has been without a Jaguar dealership since Moore Jaguar in West St. Louis County closed last year. Moore Jaguar, which previously operated a Jaguar dealership on Manchester Road, filed for bankruptcy in January 2011.

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