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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the name platera?

Meaning of platera. platera. also used as "vast ammount" of stuff "im sure you have a platera of wonderful qualities as a person. you're still a dick.". 1. (f) term used in some areas of the community of Andalusia to refer to a container of small size with similar to a dish and whose function is to serve as support to cups.

What is the meaning of plorera?

This word is from the Spanish florera. The first usage is most common. Kailangan ko ng plorera para sa mga rosas. I need a flower vase for the roses. ploréra: lalagyan ng bulaklak, karaniwang yari sa kristal, plastik, o porselana

What does Platero mean?

El platero o joyero que alterare en su calidad, ley o peso, los objetos relativos a su arte o comercio, o traficare con ellos. El platero fue el instrumento al hacer el vaso con la plata. Platero, indeciso, yergue las orejas, alza la cabeza y, como un alacrán cercado por el fuego, intenta, nervioso, huir por doquiera.

What does plethora mean in a sentence?

These days, however, "plethora" is more often used in a general, non-medical sense, with the meaning "excess" or "abundance.". Examples of plethora in a Sentence. There has been a plethora of plays in recent years whose claim to modernity is based on indicated rather than felt emotion.

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