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What is the definition of a plethora?

Define plethora. plethora synonyms, plethora pronunciation, plethora translation, English dictionary definition of plethora. n. 1. An abundance or excess of something: " sinker that clocks in the low nineties ... resulting in a plethora of weakly hit groundballs" . 2.

What is a plater horse?

Definition of plater. 1 : one that plates. 2 a : a horse that runs chiefly in plate races. b : a racehorse that competes in the lowest grade of races.

What is the medical definition of plate?

Medical Definition of plate (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a thin relatively flat piece or lamina (as of bone) that is part of the body 2 a : a flat glass dish used chiefly for culturing microorganisms especially : petri dish

What is a patera?

Silver patera from Syria decorated with gods and legendary figures from the founding of Rome, 2nd century AD, in the British Museum In architecture, oval features on plaster friezes on buildings may be called paterae (plural).

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