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Frequently Asked Questions

How does platera use behavioral economics?

Using behavioral economics models applied with machine learning, develops personality profiles of your potential customers and predicts their willingness to close a deal while generating the entire sales process accordingly.

What does Platero mean?

El platero o joyero que alterare en su calidad, ley o peso, los objetos relativos a su arte o comercio, o traficare con ellos. El platero fue el instrumento al hacer el vaso con la plata. Platero, indeciso, yergue las orejas, alza la cabeza y, como un alacrán cercado por el fuego, intenta, nervioso, huir por doquiera.

What is Plateia at savor?

Savor Mediterranean-inspired, California-fresh cuisine at Plateia, our lively restaurant and lounge. Enjoy the beautiful Southern California climate with al fresco patio dining available year-round, complete with an outdoor fireplace.

What is the definition of a plethora?

Define plethora. plethora synonyms, plethora pronunciation, plethora translation, English dictionary definition of plethora. n. 1. An abundance or excess of something: " sinker that clocks in the low nineties ... resulting in a plethora of weakly hit groundballs" . 2.

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