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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Planswift UK?

PlanSwift UK is the easy way of producing construction takeoff and estimates faster and with great accuracy. Just point and click ! Planswift makes construction estimating at least 10 times faster than conventional methods by allowing you to use digital drawings even when they are out of scale when you receive them.

How do I contact Planswift customer service?

PlanSwift® Locations & Contact Information. Domestic Locations. PlanSwift Headquarters. PlanSwift Software. 520 North Marketplace Drive, Suite 140. Centerville, UT 84014. 1-888-752-6794 Ext.

What is the new activation procedure for Planswift?

Our activation procedure has updated as of January 15th, 2019. Users who are on PlanSwift 10.2 and newer will need to activate their software using an email address and password. Users that are on previous versions of PlanSwift (including 10.1) can only activate using their customer number and pin.

What do I need to register for Planswift?

PlanSwift requires every user using the software to register an email and password to activate the software. This email and password can also be used to manage your user information at .

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