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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Placidus house system in astrology?

Placidus House System. Popularity of house systems among astrologers. The Placidus system of houses, also formerly known as the Ptolemaic Method, is a system that can be described as "Time-proportional House System of Movement". This is in contrast to the space-based systems that are built on astronomical great circles, rather than on time curves.

Who is the father of the Placidus house system?

The essential idea is that the conditions laid out by Ptolemy for the Primary Directions are also used to formulate and calculate the so-called Placidus House System. The Italian monk and mathmatician Placidus de Titis (1603-1668) is erroneously considered to be the "Founding Father" of this system.

How does the Placidus system work?

The Placidus system then measures, for a specific time and location, how far a degree moves when it has traveled 1/3 th of its diurnal movement from Ascendant to Midheaven, and this becomes the cusp of the 12 th house. How far it has moved when it has travelled 2/3rd of its diurnal movement becomes the cusp of the 11 th house, and so on.

Is Placidus in someones birthchart?

Placidus is not “in someones’s birthchart. Tropical Placidus is a house system. There are various house systems that astrologers use: Koch, Regiomantus, Equal House system etc.,

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