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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Placidus system?

In Placidus we have an depiction of the earth’s axis in its orbit which regulates and positions the houses in a more accurate way as to an Equal house system. Each house is proportioned in relationship to the time the actual signs spend on the horizon in relation to earth’s orbit.

Why does the Placidus house system fail at extreme latitudes?

The Placidus House System is criticized for its failure to operate correctly in extreme latitudes, because certain degrees are “circumpolar” (never touching the horizon), therefore planets falling in those degrees would not be represented on the birth chart.

Is Placidus in someones birthchart?

Placidus is not “in someones’s birthchart. Tropical Placidus is a house system. There are various house systems that astrologers use: Koch, Regiomantus, Equal House system etc.,

Should we use Placidus or Regiomontanus for house construction?

If the house cusps need to reflect realistically the time patterns of day and night at the respective geographic latitudes, then Placidus would be right. If the houses are regarded as actual spaces, one would rather follow Regiomontanus. It should be noted incidentally that the Koch house system is a mixed construction of both.

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