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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Placid Bay Hotel?

Welcoming guests for more than 40 years, Placid Bay Hotel effortlessly combines a modern Scandinavian design aesthetic with the outdoor retreat experience the Adirondacks are known for, with spacious rooms and cottages on Lake Placid.

Where to stay in Lake Placid?

Stay right on the lake with all the modern comforts you’re used to at Placid Bay Hotel, Lake Placid’s first-ever smart hotel.

What is the history of Lake Placid?

Lake Placid has a very rich history from the first settler, Elijia Bennet in 1809 to how Lake Placid rose up during the Golden Age of hotels in the 1900’s. The Adirondack Park was officially formed in 1885. At the turn of the century conservation movements, started...

Why choose a Jamaica Bay Inn in Los Angeles?

Jamaica Bay Inn is a one-of-a-kind destination for your special day. Ideal for groups and events in Los Angeles, Jamaica Bay Inn features a professional boardroom, the all-new Bermuda Room with marina views, and the Antigua Room, which opens to a beautiful patio on the beach. Jamaica Bay Inn places you in the ideal Southern California setting.

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