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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PJL stand for?

Printer Job Language. Printer Job Language (PJL) is a method developed by Hardik jain for switching printer languages at the job level, and for status readback between the printer and the host computer.

What is PJL language switching?

A: PJL stands for Printer Job Language. PJL was developed to provide job control at a level above Page Description Languages (PDLs) such as PostScript and PCL. PJL Language Switching allows one to send PostScript and PCL jobs to the LaserJet in the same data stream.

Why choose PJL group?

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What is a job level control (PJL)?

PJL adds job level controls, such as printer language switching, job separation, environment, status readback, device attendance and file system commands. "PJL offers application programs an efficient way to remotely control Hewlett-Packard printers.

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