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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the parent company of Pillsbury?

In terms of ownership, General Mills (GM) is the parent company of Pillsbury Company. GM has licensed certain of its products (dry baking products and frosting) to J. M. Smuckers.

What to make with Pillsbury pizza dough?

Directions. Spread with 1/2 cup pizza sauce. Top with cooked meat, cheese and other toppings as desired. Bake 6 to 10 minutes longer or until crust is deep golden brown. For soft crust: do not prebake dough. Spread with sauce and top as above. Bake 9 to 13 minutes for cheese pizza, 13 to 17 minutes if additional toppings are added,...

How long do you bake Pillsbury Grands biscuits?

Bake one to six biscuits for 20 to 24 minutes or until golden brown. Bake seven to 12 biscuits for 22 to 28 minutes, or until golden brown. ... For high altitude, above 3,500 feet, bake one to six biscuits for 18 to 22 minutes, and seven to 12 biscuits for 22 to 25 minutes.

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