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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PII stand for?

Personally identifiable information (PII) is information that, when used alone or with other relevant data, can identify an individual. PII may contain direct identifiers (e.g., passport information) that can identify a person uniquely, or quasi-identifiers (e.g.,...

What is PII and how does it affect my privacy?

According to the General Services Administration, PII is information that can be specifically connected to an individual. This can be anything from names, to important information like credit card numbers and social security information. This information is classified into two different categories: Sensitive and Insensitive.

Where can I start with PII security controls?

A great place to start is the Center for Internet Security Top 20 Critical Security Controls. These controls are designed to have an immediate impact on your overall information security program and ultimately mitigate your risk around PII and other sensitive information you may possess.

Why do I need PII training?

This training is designed to ensure that NRC staff understand their responsibilities under the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) policy and Privacy Act of 1974.

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