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Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal identifiable information (PII)?

PII or Personal Identifiable Information is any data that can be used to clearly identify an individual. Some examples that have traditionally been considered personally identifiable information include, national insurance numbers in the UK, your mailing address, email address and phone numbers.

What is PII and why is it important?

Further, PII is defined as information: (i) that directly identifies an individual (e.g., name, address, social security number or other identifying number or code, telephone number, email address, etc.) or (ii) by which an agency intends to identify specific individuals in conjunction with other data elements, i.e., indirect identification.

Who can have access to my PII?

Only individuals who have a "need to know" in their official capacity shall have access to such systems of records. The loss of PII can result in substantial harm to individuals, including identity theft or other fraudulent use of the information.

What is the scope of PII in the digital age?

As technology has improved, the scope of PII has grown considerably to now include IP addresses, login ID details, social media posts and digital images, as well as geolocation, behavioural and biometric data. Companies are now faced with more challenges in relation to security and privacy than they have ever had before.

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