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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dangers of PII?

Risk: Physical Access to your Computer or Workstation. An intruder comes to your workstation while you are logged in and accesses PII or installs a trojan to access it later. What you should do. Lock your workstation so it requires a password every time you leave it unattended.

Which are considered PII?

Personally identifiable information (PII) is information that, when used alone or with other relevant data, can identify an individual. Sensitive personally identifiable information can include your full name, Social Security Number, driver’s license, financial information, and medical records.

What is required of PII?

The definition of PII is not anchored to any single category of information or technology. Rather, it requires a case-by-case assessment of the specific risk that an individual can be identified.

Who is responsible for protecting PII?

As an employee, contractor, appointee, detailee, intern, or consultant (hereafter referred to as “DHS staff”), you are obligated by law and by DHS policy to protect PII to prevent identity theft or other adverse consequences, such as a privacy incident, compromise, or misuse of data. You should exercise care when handling all PII.

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