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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pimax 200°FOV?

The standard Pimax 200°FOV (Diagonally) guarantees your immersive experience by allowing unparalleled fidelity that rivals a human’s natural vision which once experienced you will not be able to return to any other VR headset. With Pimax you’ll get a VR view without compromises.

What is Pimax's customer support policy?

PURCHASING GUIDANCE! -- Pimax establish a professional team to serve customers whether pre-sales or after-sales issues. For avoiding any inconvenience caused, please be sure that confirm your PC configuration with our Customer Support (Email & Skype: [email protected]) before buying if you have any doubt, thanks.

How bad is Pimax for Your Eyes?

When I do look into the wide areas, it is distorted but when fitted properly and brought tight such that my eyelashes touch the lenses, the distortion is relegated to the last 20-30 degrees, which is simply not a problem. Pimax should consider placing ambient light in that space when it is not in use. Your eyes do not care.

Does the Pimax work now at 90Hz?

Simply, it does work now at 90 hz. - eliminating the one drawback I thought the Pimax would have compared to the G2. Also no one has mentioned below how much easier it is to change settings and/or restart SteamVR and or the Pimax software (or the HMD) as compared to OpenXR+Windows Mixed Reality.

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