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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my own paver patterns?

These are a great starting point to help generate ideas for creating your own paver patterns. Start off by selecting the general paver shape that best fits your intent, or create your own unique repeatable paver pattern such as the one shown below. Make sure the general shape is repeatable before proceeding to the next step.

How to create a pattern in Photoshop?

Create Patterns in Photoshop 1 Use the Rectangle Marquee tool on any open image to select an area to use as a pattern. 2 Choose Edit > Define Pattern. 3 Enter a name for the pattern in the Pattern Name dialog box.Note:If you are using a pattern... See More....

How do I save a pattern as a preset in Photoshop?

If you’ve downloaded one of the files that comes in JPG or PNG format but does not come with a .pat file for Photoshop, you can easily save the pattern as a preset. First, one the image in Photoshop. Next, go to Edit > Define Pattern, which will allow you to save the image as a pattern preset.

What is a Pat file in Photoshop?

.pat is the file format used by Photoshop for pattern presets. With the help of presets, patterns can be easily used and re-used in your designs. Can I use Photoshop patterns in other software? .pat files are proprietary for Photoshop, so they will not work in other programs.

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