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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a pattern in Photoshop?

Make a new layer by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N (or Command+Shift+N) or by pressing the New Layer icon that’s at the bottom of the Layers panel. Add the polka dots to the new layer by going to Edit > Fill. From Contents, select Pattern and search for your new pattern in the Custom Pattern list.

Can you use Photoshop patterns in GIMP?

Some Photoshop components, including patterns and brushes, can also be used in GIMP. You can use an ABR file (the file format of Photoshop pattern and brush) in GIMP. If you use GIMP on Windows, you can install new patterns by copying the pattern files to the patterns folder under the GIMP installation folder.

What is a pattern in Photoshop?

A pattern is an image or line art that can be tiled repeatedly. A tile is the subdividing of a computer graphics selection into a series of squares and placing them on a layer or within the selection. Thus, a pattern in Photoshop is essentially a tiled image.

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