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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I load Photoshop 7 onto Windows 10?

To use Photoshop 7 on Windows 10, you can use the compatibility mode in Windows 10 for that application. When you do you will be able to select which Windows version you used originally. To do this, you can select the shortcut icon, right click and select properties, then click the Compatibility tab.

Does Photoshop 7 work with Windows 10?

Photoshop 7 works here on windows 10 x64 without using any compatibility modes, actually a lot better than photoshop cs2 does. The only major catch is you need to have 1 TB or less free space on your hard drive or photoshop 7 won't work. Photoshop versions before photoshop cs couldn't see large hard drives with over 1 TB of free space.

Where can I download Photoshop for free?

Steps Open the Photoshop webpage. Go to in your browser. Click Free Trial. It's at the top of the webpage. Open the Photoshop free trial. Double-click the Photoshop download file to begin setting up Photoshop on your computer. Launch the Photoshop installer.

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