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Frequently Asked Questions

Is being photogenic a gift or a skill?

Being photogenic can definitely be a gift but in most cases, it's a matter of skill and knowledge . Naturally, people with highly angular faces look good in pictures. These include square jaw, sharp cheekbones, etc. These shapes capture light very well, and as such, the subjects look naturally better, without having to know a thing about posing.

What does photogenic really mean?

Photogenic (a.) (Med.) Caused by light, as for example a skin abnormality. Generated or caused by light. The sunbather developed a photogenic melanoma on her back. Producing or emitting light, luminescent. The photogenic bacteria were visible in the dark room.

What is another word for photogenic?

The synonyms and related words of "Photogenic" are: camera, winsome, archetypal, specimen, example, sample, personality, simulation, type, screening, model, herbarium, tripod, illustration, display, paradigmatic, archetype, buxom, mannequin, spheroid, lifelike, paradigm, prototype, epitome, advisory, typify, replica, lattice, polymorphous, fashion

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