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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Snapchat filters on a webcam?

Open Social Booth and select “Snap Camera” as your webcam source. You may also want to enable “Pause After Shot” to allow the user to change filters in between shots. 8. Go to the Filters tab and enable Snapchat filters.

Where can I find free photo filters for my camera?

Photo Mirror. Another online camera with a filter that you can try is Photo Mirror. It runs directly from the browser; no installation or plugin is required. Also, it supports both photos and videos; you can add filters, effects and it is entirely free.

How do I take a snapshot of my webcam?

The first step is that you will need to allow the application access to your webcam. Provided the settings are right you should now be able to click on any of the tabs at the top of the screen to adjust the properties and values to get just the right snapshot photo you are looking for.

How to use augmented reality with Snapchat's Snap Camera?

By using Snapchat's Snap Camera application, you can now use live Augmented Reality in Social Booth. You can even create your own filters for your client! 1. Download and install Snap Camera here. 2. Start Snap Camera and select your webcam source. (Snap Camera only supports webcam)

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