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Frequently Asked Questions

Was ist das Wort Philister?

Das Wort Philister ist bekanntlich dem Studentenleben entnommen und bezeichnet in seinem weiteren, doch ganz popularen Sinne den Gegensatz des Musensohnes, des Kunstlers, des achten Kulturmenschen.

What is the meaning of Philistin?

In German usage, university students applied the term Philister (Philistine) to describe a person who was not trained at university; in the German social context, the term identified the man ( Philister) and the woman ( Philisterin) who was not of the university social set.

Who is the author of the book Eternal Philistine?

In the novel Der Ewige Spießer (The Eternal Philistine, 1930), the Austro–Hungarian writer Ödön von Horváth (1901–38) derided the cultural coarseness of the philistine man and his limited view of the world.

Who directed the Israelites away from the Philistines?

Torah (Pentateuch) God also directed the Israelites away from the Philistines upon their Exodus from Egypt according to Exodus 13:17. In Genesis 21:22-27, Abraham agrees to a covenant of kindness with Abimelech, the Philistine king, and his descendants. Abraham's son Isaac deals with the Philistine king similarly,...

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