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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Philadelphia Athletics?

The Philadelphia Athletics were actually several different franchises in several different incarnations. When we refer to the Philadelphia Athletics, we are specifically concerned with the American League team which existed from 1901, when the American League began, until 1954 when the team moved to Kansas City after being sold on November 5, 1954.

What is the history of the athletics logo?

A Renewed Logo. The team's elephant symbol evolved. When the Athletics appeared in the 1931 World Series, the cover of the official program depicted a confident elephant, a saddle on its back with the familiar Old English "A.". This illustration became the basis of what would eventually become the team's official logo.

What kind of CAP do the Philadelphia Athletics wear?

Philadelphia Athletics Cleanup Adjustable Royal Blue Cap. The royal blue cap with a white "A" is a replica of the hat the Athletics wore from 1931-1949 The "clean... Connie Mack Stadium (1909 to 1970) Replica Stadium. Dimensions All replica stadiums are available in three lengths: 9 inch Original, 13 inch Large, and 19 inch Jumbo.

What is the history of the Philadelphia Phillies?

When the idea of a league to rival the existing National League was conceived, the Shibe family who produced sporting goods, some local sportswriters and Connie Mack, who had played and managed in the major leagues, were chosen to found the Philadelphia franchise. Mack would serve as the "baseball man" and receive a minority share of the club.

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