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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Peshawar?

Peshawar is safe for day to day activities for ordinary people. People go to schools, colleges, shops are open, and roads are full of vehicles. Most of the crime including kidnappings, extortion and ordinary crimes including theft have greatly subsidized.

What is the population of Peshawar?

Peshawar is a rapidly growing city with a population of 2,982,816 in 1998. The current population growth rate is 3.29% per year, which is higher than the average of many other Pakistani cities. Peshawar's inhabitants consist mainly of Pashtun people with Hindkowans as the minority group.

What is the postal code of Peshawar?

Postal Code of Peshawar is: 25000. (Peshawar GPO NWFP - Pakistan) About Peshawar : Peshawar (Pashto: پېښور; Urdu: پشاور; Persian: پیشاور) is the capital of the North-West Frontier Province and the administrative centre for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

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